Grant ID PP210026
Awarded On August 18, 2021
Title Taking Texas Tobacco Free: Dissemination to and Implementation within Agencies Serving Texans Experiencing Homelessness
Program Prevention
Award Mechanism Dissemination of CPRIT-Funded Cancer Control Interventions
Institution/Organization University of Houston
Principal Investigator/Program Director Lorraine Reitzel
Cancer Sites Tobacco-related
Contracted Amount $299,978*

*Pending contract negotiation

Lay Summary

Need. Tobacco use is causally linked to 17 different cancers. About 15.7% of Texans smoke cigarettes, the most common form of tobacco use. However, overall population estimates hide subpopulations of Texans with exceedingly high smoking rates. One such group is individuals experiencing homelessness, about 26,000 Texans on any given night. Individuals who are homeless use tobacco at rates as high as 78%. Moreover, tobacco use is not routinely intervened upon in this population, including in shelter or treatment settings, even though a significant proportion of homeless smokers are interested in quitting smoking and receiving help to do so. Although data suggest that they may attempt to quit a...

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