Daniel J. Siegwart, Ph.D.
Daniel J. Siegwart, Ph.D.
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Titles & Positions

  • Associate Professor, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Biochemistry

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Grant Information

Grant ID: R1212
Grant Mechanism: 
Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Recruited From: 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date Awarded: 
August 02, 2012
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Cancer cells hijack many different kinds of normal systems in human cells and use them to grow malignantly, including food sources, growth, and normal cell death.

They also hijack normal tumor-suppression systems inside cells, thwarting them so that the mutated cells can grow limitlessly without interference. Some of these natural tumor suppressors consist of small bits of genetic material, called microRNAs, which help regulate a cell’s growth. In theory, restoring microRNA tumor suppressors to cancer cells could be a powerful weapon against cancer, but the challenge has been delivering them where they are needed.

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