Texas Cancer Plan: Sharing Resources

Thank you so much for sharing the Texas Caner Plan. We appreciate your help in spreading the word so that Texas can lead the fight against cancer and bring us closer to finding a cure!

We've put together the following newsletter/email template, Facebook status updates and tweets to help spread the word about the Plan. Please feel free to customize these to fit your tone/voice and publish on your channels.



The Texas Cancer Plan by @CPRITTexas is a guide for communities, individuals and companies to follow in the fight against cancer. Together, we can beat it. Please read, share and join us in the fight against this horrible disease: www.txcancerplan.org

CANCER MUST BE STOPPED, and there's a plan in place to prevent it. The Texas Cancer Plan by @CPRITTexas: new and improved and ready for Texans to take action. Please read, share and join us in the fight against cancer. www.txcancerplan.org



STOP CANCER. #ThePlan12 is a guide to combat #cancer across the Lone Star State. Please join our fight. @CPRITTexas www.txcancerplan.org

#ThePlan12: a road map for Texans to beat cancer. 16 specific goals, strategic actions & more from @CPRITTexas. www.txcancerplan.org

*Official Texas Cancer Plan hashtag is: #ThePlan12


Newsletter or email blurb

Headline/Subject: The Texas Cancer Plan can help you save money, boost your energy and preserve your youth

Of course, a few actions are required on your part. Eat your veggies. Get outside and move. Quit (or don't begin) smoking. Volunteer. Stay up to date on your health screenings. You get the idea.

Sure, you've heard it all before, but have you heard that in 2012, it is estimated that more than 110,000 Texans will be told, "You have cancer"? Approximately 39,000 Texans are expected to lose their lives to cancer this year.

While these statistics are sobering, Texans aren't the type to roll over and give in without a fight. The 2012 Texas Cancer Plan ("Plan") outlines actions all Texans can take to help our state lead the nation in the fight against cancer.

The overall success of the Plan depends on you. It depends on us. Show your Texas pride by joining the fight against cancer and encouraging others to do the same. Whether you're a [choose one or more: hospital, a state or local agency, a school/university, an employer, a medical professional, a non-profit or community-based organization, a legislator] or simply an honest-to-goodness Texan, there's something in the Plan for you!

For more information about the Plan, including tools for helping to realize its goals, please visit www.txcancerplan.org.

Sincerely, [for email only]