Statute, Rules and Grant Policies Guide


Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 102

Article III of Texas Constitution establishing CPRIT


Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapters 701 – 703


At its August 19, 2015, meeting, the Oversight Committee approved a final order for amendments to agency rules. The rule changes outline a process for the Program Integration Committee and Oversight Committee to defer grant award recommendations within a fiscal year.

CPRIT filed the final order with the Secretary of State as the last step in the rulemaking process. The amendment should become effective September 9, 2015, at which time Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapter 703, will be updated. Until then, click on the link below to view the amended language of the affected rules.

The proposed changes were published in the Texas Register after approval by the Oversight Committee on May 20, 2015. CPRIT accepted public comments for 30 days following publication and no comments were received.

Changes to Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapter 703, Pending Finalization


CPRIT Policies and Procedures Guide (PDF) 

CPRIT Policies and Procedures Guide Amendment: Audit Requirement (PDF)

Uniform Grant Management Standards (DOC)