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Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 102

Article III of Texas Constitution establishing CPRIT


Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapters 701 – 703


At its February 17, 2016, meeting, the Oversight Committee approved the release of proposed changes to existing agency rules.

CPRIT completed an extensive revision to its administrative rules in January 2014, conforming agency practices to newly-enacted legislative requirements and implementing recommendations made by the State Auditor’s Office in its January 2013 report, Grant Management at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and Selected Grantees. In the course of incorporating the new administrative rules into the agency’s policies and practices, CPRIT has identified some rule provisions that would benefit from additional clarity. The proposed amendments affect Texas Administrative Code Chapters 702 and 703 regarding professional conflicts of interest, disallowed grantee expenses, and an appeal process for grantees if FSR reimbursement is waived.

The proposed changes to Chapter 702 were published in the March 4, 2016, edition of the Texas Register, while changes to Chapter 703 should appear in the March 25th edition. Written comments from the public will be accepted for 30 days following each date of publication.  The comments will become part of the formal rulemaking record and provide guidance in crafting a final set of administrative rules.  Written comments may be submitted to CPRIT’s General Counsel, Kristen Doyle, by fax (512/475-2563); by email (; or by mail to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, P.O. Box 12097, ATTN: Rulemaking Project, Austin, Texas, 78711.

The Oversight Committee expects to consider a final order that reflects the comments received on the proposed rules and any recommended changes at their meeting on May 18, 2016.

Proposed changes to Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapters 702 and 703


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