Webinar on ETRA and SEED Award Funding Opportunities

September 19, 2018 – Early Translational Research Award (Academic Research) and SEED Award (Product Development) Funding Opportunities

CPRIT Academic Research and Product Development Research Programs held a webinar to introduce a revised Early Translational Research Award (ETRA) RFA and a new Seed (SEED) Award RFA.

Dr. James Willson, Chief Scientific Officer provided an overview of the revised ETRA RFA and CPRIT’s interest in “bridging the gap” between promising new discoveries achieved in the research laboratory and commercial development for a therapeutic, device, or diagnostic assay through activities including preclinical proof-of-principle data that demonstrate applicability to the planned clinical scenario and preclinical toxicology and formulation to de-risk the development of lead compounds or devices.

Mike Lang, Chief Product Development Officer provided an overview of a new Seed Award mechanism for early-stage oncology startups. This mechanism is designed to target companies that may be a bit early in their development timeline to be competitive for CPRIT’s two existing Product Development Research awards: the Texas Company Award and the Company Relocation Award. The goal of the Seed Award is to assist startups in bridging the gap between translational research and product development, thus bringing disruptive cancer-fighting technologies to market.

Please access resources from the webinar below:

Slide Presentation

Early Translational Research Award (ETRA) FAQ

Seed Awards for Product Development Research FAQ